A call to all, who enjoy being Smol

There is a thing being put together (forgive me m15o is this is "self promotion", I don't intend it to be) from a bunch of people at Ctrl-c.club (a pubnix, part of the Tildeverse, great people) that I/we are called "Ctrl-ZINE". It originated from me started a new zine called LOGGED OUT ZINE, but then I decided collaboration amongst others would be more fun, involved. Right now there are several Ctrl-c'ers interested and have started creating material. But it isn't JUST by/for Ctrl-c members, but for everyone who enjoys the Smol Web.

If anyone here is interested in adding to Issue. 1 (or future issues), leave a message here, or e-mail me: log.head.2600[@]pm.me (and I hope the e-mail address posting is ok, too, m15o (let me know if it isn't, and I will remove)).

And m15o, thank you SO MUCH for making cool things for the Smol Web! M.p, S.p and now SE - such a fun spot for everyone! :)

Take care!
So happy to hear about Ctrl-ZINE! What type of content would you ideally like to have in it? Not really sure what to write, but I'd be really happy to contribute! I loved reading The Zine Around The Corner, so I'm excited about this one. :)

Feel free to post any link here as well, if there are some!
m15o! That would be so cool!

The subject matter I think is both diverse, and focused, and I made a list yesterday of the theme(s) that would be good for Ctrl-ZINE. They are:

1) the Small/Smol Web
2) the WWW in general
3) different Internet protocols (e.g Gopher, Gemini)
4) the rise and rise, and then fall (and fall) of social networks
5) online etiquette amongst people who spend a lot of time online
6) personal experience essays with tech/the Web/nerd things, haha
7) photos of desk setups, personal hobbyist computer builds
8) detailed information regarding software projects
9) different scripts one has written
10) different games one has made
11) art (e.g ASCII art, tech-related illustrations)

...anything you find fascinating in the world of technology :)

And thank you about The Zine Around The Corner. It was always fun compiling issues, but I wanted/needed a theme, as well as collaborators, so this avenue works out well! :)

The site I have for it on Ctrl-c is,


and then a mock-up of the first issue cover is here:

**[EDIT]**, the Carrd site is being redone, as I use Carrd to do cover mock-ups for zines. Will be avail at URL below


...but there is a lot to be changed/added to the cover.

Right now I have three entries in there from me, but everything is going to be compiled in Alphabetical order (using the username/handle/legal name/whatever of the individual submitting content). Same for the table of contents under the Index - Alphabetical.

If you want to submit anything/everything, I'm all for it! You're a huge contributor to the Smol Web, and the contribution would add a lot! :)

Should you want to write something, you can send it to me via log.head.2600[@]pm.me, or/and mention it here.

It's coming along and I'm excited about it!

Take care!
This is awesome. I'll be sending you a little something tomorrow! Thanks for putting this together :)
Nice! Thank you! :)
Hey ~tmo!
Ctrl-ZINE sounds like a cool project, keep it up!

Where could we follow you or the project for news and releases, tmo.smol.pub?
Hey ~eaplmx!

Yes, tmo on Smol.pub, as well as issue releases on ctrl-c.club/~loghead/ctrl-zine.html, or loghead.digital/zine.html :)

I'm updating the cover mock-up now, as well as modifying the Intro. More people are volunteering work/content, and I am reaching out to quite a few, as well. I don't want to contact ALL the would-be contributors, though, as there are many issues ahead!

If you want to contribute to this issue, ~eaplmx, please do so by e-mailing me - log.head.2600[@]pm.me We'd love to have you!

Stay well!
Great! I'll check it out...

About contributing, my English is not great and I can't allocate another hobby project soon, but I _might_ volunteer eventually, thanks for the invitation :)
No problem, eaplmx! Let me know if/when you can contribute, and I can check it out and get it in the zine.

Stay well!
I am not specifically for smallweb, but i am checking out some sites and enjoy using gemini as well

i got back into tty stuff due to joining SDF recently and it kind of snowballed from that