TIL what a Speakeasy is

'Speakeasy' sounds cute but I was curious about why this place is named like that, so I researched a bit and found:

> [...] illegally-operated bars hidden in plain sight.

> [...] speakeasies are aesthetically different from modern bars. Their decor is vintage, and you might even feel like you�re having a glass of bubbly in a museum.

> The front and back bars at speakeasies are usually made of wood, with shelves as high as the ceiling displaying an array of bottles. [...] The lighting is dim, and the bar will typically serve Prohibition-era cocktails in addition to their main menu.


Source: https://drinktinto.com/blogs/wine-wisdom/what-is-a-speakeasy-bar
hey that's kinda cool.. I thought it was just a name the creator(s) came up with on the spot haha
Now you are all aware of the secret!