so pleasant a Monday morning

Gosh, I'm sore. Played a bunch with grandchildren, yesterday - outdoors in the context of an unusually-warm-for-February day.

I've had a cough for a while I should probably have looked into. But I've long despised the medical profession. As my wife's dad was fond of saying, "they're *practicing*". Seems to me a lengthy practicing that hasn't led unto perfection shouldn't be commanding so much wage.

Slept really well, though. Sans alcohol. It was becoming way too much a crutch along those lines, complete with diminishing returns, and a genuine sense of having become a somewhat scary addiction - as in starting to a-bit-too-anxiously feel as though life were mostly about it being "five o'clock somewhere".

Came across some really enjoyable-to-read gemlogs, of late.

The news? I mostly avoid it, but my wife mentioned learning that Scott Adams wound up in some Planet Stupid, media-boiled hot water. Oh, how the self-righteous in the Out-Of-Context neighborhood of Murmurville (it's actually the only neighborhood in Murmurville..) love their pitchforks, torches, and mouth foam!
Yep, warm in STL too! I'll take it! haha

Good deal on the good sleep, and good deal on the break from booze. I'm about to delve into "it's 4:20 somewhere" territory (to a certain extent) once I get down to the dispensary one municipality over. Looking forward!

New gemlogs? Where did you happen across those? ;)

Yea, news/media is less "informative" these days, and more inflammatory. Elements of Small(Smol)-er Internet outlets seem to be the name of the rose for me (and others) these days.

I still subscribe to the ethos of old Weblogs, and the old (and now new, again?) methods of attaining and conveying information as put forward by Rebecca Blood, saying:

"Weblogs are the mavericks of the online world. Two of their greatest strengths are their ability to filter and disseminate information to a widely dispersed audience, and their position outside the mainstream of mass media. Beholden to no one, weblogs point to, comment on, and spread information according to their own, quirky criteria."

That blog entry is here:

Though *I* no longer "log", I still love/adore the Smol Web, and the many nuanced elements of it. Always will.

Stay well, Inquiry!
Thing is I rarely save links anymore regardless the protocol because, as with photos, I keep relearning I've precious little time for looking back. I'm increasingly preferring the serendipity of stumbling on new textuality.

I do believe some Gemini "aggregator" was involved that I changed upon through a "random" link associated with a "LEO" "gemring". (Hopefully I'm not butchering the terminology too badly....)

Fun article, but admittedly too long for this here addled attention span. :-)

And typing of warm, holy moly the forecast calls for 59F here today! Them's doing-some-serious-walkin's words!
Yeup, already reached 59 here, but I'm not venturing out, as there are near tornado-speed winds outside. My windows and walls are creaking and cracking like the building is in a pressure cooker.

The article was/is good, read through much of her site and it's fairly "new thinking", albeit from the era of 2002. Nevertheless, some new thinking I can agree with :)
You've got me thinking of what might playfully be called "The TMO Motto", namely: Get blown away by hook or crook!
Kind words from a kind man there, Inquiry. Compliment graciously accepted, even if from ´┐ŻA man of notoriously vicious and intemperate disposition´┐Ż. I kid, but name that movie! ;)

I'm motto-less and bored, that's why I even activate WiFi on my computer at all. Proves fruitful sometimes, other times it's a digital reflection of "the drag" of life. As I made mention of on here: "gets back" what they "put in". So I put in a decent deal, with long hours (sometimes days) of unremarkable, indistinguishable "non-happenings" in day-to-day life, broken up by (hopefully) nice things/exchanges happening in the online world.

Stay well, and don't get knocked over by the winds of the West
> as though life were mostly about it being "five o'clock somewhere"

Yep. That's relatable. And now I know it's time for me to take a vacation, because it's never good when five o'clock is the one thing I look forward to.
<nods at miso's broken watch>


I suck at naming movies, tmo, 'cuz I grew up too poor to afford going, and thus was stuck with the anything but contempor
ary stuff that played on less-than-a-handleful local-ish broadcast tv stations.

And then by the time I could afford going to theaters, I'd lucked into work teammates that favored playing *cards* to going out on a weekend night, so we'd be imbibing and listening to tunes while playing either Hearts, Spades, Bridge (of all things..), and a game from my growing-up locale I taught 'em named "Sheepshead".

I was the Beatles fan of the bunch, and my officemate got me pretty deeply into The Doors. The other guys were just "whatever's playing on the radio" types, which meant 1980s music, which I mostly wasn't too into - although came to appreciate quite a bit later in life. But not until *after* the 90's, mind you, because I was basically in a continuous state of awe over the wondrous stuff that came gushing from that decade.

And then I got married part way into that cards-playing phase, drifted more into "marriage++", i.e. the stuff marriage usually entails with Friday or Saturday night's reserved for drinking Guinness and smoking cigarettes (Camel straights: the college favorite) around a pool table at a favorite bar.

Anyway, I've a few favorite movies, and of course have seen more, but not a heck of a lot but from the faves ever stuck. They include (no particular order except for the first, which remains my favorite, and likely will 'til the last breath):

- The Family Man (Nicolas Cage)
- Scarface (Pacino version)
- The Breakfast Club
- One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest
- Natural Born Killers
- Fargo
- most of Woody Allen's films

(I probably forgot a few.)

(Also, looked up the quote, but, nope, never saw "Unforgiven".)

Awww, geez, sorry for such a long reply, but I just plain suck at "smol"....
Well jeez, Inquiry, I've so much to say on that list, and so belated for the reply. My apologies.


- The Family Man (Nicolas Cage)
Familiar with it. It was my brother-in-law's favorite for the first decade of him having kids, and it came on the TV (via DVD) every Christmas. Then, he delineated into "I haven't seen the Family Man in *years*", and "Christmas Vacation is played out", and as far as I know, he doesn't have a go-to Xmas film. Just stews in bitter Illinois-an disgruntlment (another topic for another day).

- Scarface (Pacino version)
Yep. Saw it a bunch of times. HBO. Fun movie. Classic.

- The Breakfast Club
Three years into that movie popping up on "regular" (antenna, knob-seeking) TV every few weekends or so, I finally decided to learn the name of it when I was very young. Rented it. And then my older sisters said "you rented The Breakfast Club?!?!", which I confirmed and we watched together - surely impressed with my stewardship of their constant cultural lesson of "this is cool, it's the 80's. Get with it, Tom!" (Although I was birthed just several years beforehand).

- One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest
Haha, never saw it. Never will. Jack Nicholson kicks ass in so many movies, put up with HST's insanity, and cemented his spot as "amazing actor" in my mind from The Shining. But, OFOTCN is too "freaky" for me, as I understand it concerns mental hospital negligence, nefariousness. And I have been to a hospital of such before, with intense symptoms of paranoia, so I don't want to heighten those, should I be commited someday again.

- Natural Born Killers
My goodness, Inquiry! What is wrong with you!? LMAO! I saw this when it came out, was quite a "shroomer" in those days (I believe, years escape me) and everything about that Gilliam film (same director as Fear and Loathing) had me spooked to no end. The hallucinetic morphing of Woody Harrelson when being interviewed at the end - turning part demon, part human. The change of attitude in the reporter interviewing him. To the massace at the cafe at the beginning. True horror, but incredibly entertaining!

- Fargo
What's this? Heard if it. Never saw it.

- most of Woody Allen's films
Match Point was my go-to favorite post, and pre-The Unforgiven at one time. My tastes refined, I thought I was "mature" to an extent. Still a great movie. Then I saw Manhattan and all it's...New York-iness, and loved *that* even more. Then Dylan Farrow wrote her op-ed in the New York Times, and I believe it. A lot of multi "family friend" confirmations, and sincerety in what was written had/has me believing that Allen is a freak and a monster. I couldn't (can't) separate the art from the artist, so back to the "no good son of a bitch" gun-slinging of Eastwood in The Unforgiven. Tastes shattered, refinement reversed. I devolved to the state of "straight dumb" Western lover.

Thanks for the list Inquiry. I couldn't muster my own if I tried my best. The Unforgiven at the top, everything else below.

The last Woody Allen film I recall seeing is "Blue Jasmine" and, wow, it looks like that was a decade ago. But I've still not seen a better performance than Cate Blanchett therein since. Spellbinding.

Never read the Dylan Farrow thing. I don't care any more about the likes than I could, say, care that John Lennon once thought less of women than he eventually did - especially given the human predilection for lying. At least what we know along those lines about the working class hero were by his own admission instead of, for example, a possibly vindictive other.

A lot of those movies happened to slide gracefully in the grooves of life phases for me. Thus, many decades later, The Breakfast Club might seem silly to me these days. I was in an alone period after a failed marriage when Natural Born Killers resonated. :-)

(Speaking of which... true story: independent of my loving Woody Harrelson in that role, I recently noted that a son that won't speak to me wound up with a photo of himself with Woody Harrelson in his Facebook stream - which, of course, convinced me all the more of life being but a dream....)

Let's face it, laymen and commoners of the Internet will never measure up to the acting prowess of the star of White Men Can't Jump ;)

He had some good roles though

Last Woody *Allen* movie I saw was Play It Again, Sam, which was slap-stick clumsy comedy all the way through. I'm off of Woody Allen movies, but I wasn't around for his "star"/thirst phase in the 70's where apparently he would do any interview, any stand up routine, say anything to anyone at any time to draw attention. Same for Truman Capote, only him via 1960s. The art just broke the spell of time and space, the headlines disappeared into vapor. And on that, Moby in the 90s. No one cares what Moby said/did, just that he pioneered electronic music, had nice hits, and actually put a spotlight on veganism (as in the lifestyle/diet).

Neither Woody Allen nor Woody Harrelson have anything tot do with The Unforgiven, but it musters to be an ok movie, anyway :D