elusive realization

on Midnight.pub, to access the Speakeasy, it says "you see and old-looking bookshelf. Pull book?", and I am *just now* realizing that it is in reference to the hidden lever machanism in old speakeasy's. The hidden doorways, the in-wall piano rig, and even pop-up bars. Anything to stash away the alcohol being consumed within an establishment during the harsh years of prohibition. They (speakeasy's) were a real f***ing thing, too! My grandfather spoke of them (him being born 1918).

Now I realize the bookshelf reference. Clever :)
Hidden in plain sight! ;) I love the idea of a piano around here, although I don't play.
sing us a song
you're the midnight <gender identity>
sing us a song
for we're all in the mood
for a speakeasy
and you've got us feelin'
I'll emerge from the wall sporting prohibition-era crooner garb, playing a fine mix - a medley, really - of Guns N Roses "November Rain", Meat Loaf "I Would Do Anything For Love", and Van Halen's "Right Now".

I don't know what that would sound like, but individually it would be quite nice ;)
That sounds closer to a screameasy than a speakeasy, tmo.... ;-)