mastodon: pre-Twitter exodus/post-Twitter exodus

Well, look what the cat dragged in ;)

(*preface*: I have not been ON Twitter or Mastodon since 2019, despite some fledgling attempts to be ON Mastodon, instead of subbing to accounts via RSS - Masto doesn't work, for me)

Now and again, I see a cool post someone made on Masto via my RSS, which may include a nice picture set, or something of immense interest to me, so I click over to that Masto acct, read the Toot, wish to Boost, but I am disBoostable, so I simply might send them an e-mail (if I know them), if it's appropriate. But, while on that acct, and it's instance, I read through their Toot/Boost TL and see what's snappin' in the Federated world of Masto.

It *seems* different now. Post-Twitter exodus. Like a "mini early days Twitter". Fun, eh? I mean, early days Twitter was pretty fun, I thought - open the Notifications tab, and scroll pages of interaction, at any time of day. Send a Tweet to Ashton Kutcher or kat Von D, they'd be back to you in less than 5 minutes. Back in an era where everyone I knew (IRL) was saying "aw, man, you GOT to join Facebook!" and I would say "YOU need to join Twitter!", and then we'd pull out our garbage keyboard phones and giggle like sugar-filled school children as we friended, followed, liked, and slobbered pre-narcististic love for one another all over the Internet.

But, the early days of Twitter became...well...Twitter. Not a "less good" version of a thing that was ok, but an abysmal hate/addiction machine, in lieu of a service that was (sorta) like a public Timeline for all to just be a micro-thought fool on the Internet.

So, as I see it, this is a quasi "shift" in the Federated social network(ish) world - where the multi-year honeymoon period of "this is cool - more interaction - isn't this better than that bIrDsItE? - check out this fun thing I made!" on Mastodon will (is?) delineating to the BeforeNet (borrowing gratuitously from the aptly termed "Beforetimes" of pre-COVID) of small/large influencers (albeit with a tinier following on a Federated service. Particularly without winning algorithmic Lotterys here and there) who will re-toxify the social landscape with their Serious Day(TM) toots and boosts and news-loving outrage. Most of the social butterflies of the WWW (for over a decade) tend to not have a Website, or a "thing" online - they just "social" (as a verb?). So I doubt there'd be a true renaissance of bloggers, *creators*, Website admins, et al - just a different platform to re-acquaint themselves with new boss, same as the old boss.

tl;dr - it's the same show with a different name. Mostly the same characters, slightly larger/smaller roles, a perceived connontation of assumed egalitarianism, until people hit "Send Toot" and that "vibe"/narrative takes hold - then it's "", again.

*Why write this?*

Just don't put too many eggs in one basket - as you may hatch another Twitter bird ;)