How do we call this place?

Let's be honest, calling a speakeasy "speakeasy" is the best way to blow our cover. We should probably find a name that wouldn't raise curiosity too much. Given we are within the Midnight, perhaps the name of room? Any idea welcome!
Candid Canteen? I racked my brain for 15 minutes to try to think of something, haha! Canteen is the coolest "moniker" I can think up. But IDK.

Yes, "Speakeasy" in a big neon sign may draw some unwanted attention. Before you know it, it's the #1 trending news story on Facebook and it gets filled with Russian spy bots. LMAO!
this place kind of reminds me of callahan's crosstime saloon, maybe there's something there?

"The regulars are welcoming and willing to listen to any visitor's problems, no matter how strange, but do not snoop if a visitor is unwilling to share. Strange visitors and unusual events turn up frequently in the stories. Regulars at Callahan's include a talking dog, several extraterrestrials and time travelers, an ethical vampire, a couple of Irish mythological beings, and an obscenity-spewing parrot."
Clandestine Canteen ;)

Clandestine means hidden (sorta). Canteen (saloon/pub).

IDK, just throwing things out there
Probably going to sound insane, but I was staring at the handle "m15o", and the line "me so horny" from some movie whose title I can't remember came to mind, and right after that the song-spoofer within calmly said - and without so much as a blink - "Tell 'em 'Me So Texty' is the place name they're lookin' for...."

<quietly backs out of the room>
Full Metal Jacket is where the line is from, I think. I didn't catch the second part of that paragraph, lol! :)
From work, there was once a Secret Sake Room that we ended up poring over old floor plans and asked the management of the building about before a bunch of us finally got inside.

In keeping with the theme of the Pub, that might not be a terrible idea to steal. Just "Secret Sake Room", or thereabouts.
I vote for calling it "The Cavernous Dwelling of M15o and Sake"!