when art seems unfair

I am no artist(e), but I sometimes feel like a thing I do, that could be considered "art" no matter what it may be, just sort of doesn't deliver. Not in a personal way or an external way.

And as grudgingly nasty as that feels, it seems 1000% petty. Like, "oh, someone has a trophy full of cookies but doesn't like the flavor". A priviledged and First World type of gripe. But damn, everything about it *stings* so much.

Yet, art is a form of self expression. So perhaps that's what's happening. I am dissatisfied with myself. With what I am capable of. Or just...everything in general.

In a way, life falls short. I'm often disappointed. Let down. Or generally unamused by what people put forward, decide to focus on, coduct themselves, etc. And I likely have the same output.

A kind of "we're all in it together" approach. But the "together" doesn't always bear fruit. Because the "it" has such nefarious connontation.

It could likely be the byproduct of a decade of social media use. Seeing so many tossle and toll with the idea, still. Any platform, it all pans out similar.

That is disappointing
I think of that and so much other madness as shadows of reflections of the conviction of being an entity so utterly separate from all NOT said entity.