question of the random day #1: what is your favorite ice cream flavor?

mine is vanilla, chocolate, & cookies and cream :)
Now, "Cookies And Milk" by Ben and Jerrys

Before, Black and Tan by Ben and Jerrys (vanilla stout with light chocolate). Gone since 2010 (RIP)
I'm partial to mint choc chip, though if I'm on holiday I default to banana
Team vanilla ice cream... But Cookies & Milk is pretty great, gotta agree!
I’m surprised to see another banana enthusiast here, I just love banana flavored things! I’m also nostalgic for the Good Humor strawberry eclair ice cream bars, they used to have them in the school cafeteria when I was in elementary school, and I was excited to rediscover them at a gas station during a recent road trip.
i like strawberry mmm strawbery
Buttered Pecan
The Cold Brew Coffee Fudge Chip that's offered at some Ben & Jerry's locations as an exclusive is uh pretty excellent. It's got vanilla, chocolate, and enough coffee for the caffeine fiend that lives in me. @_@