Installing the arcade

I've just installed an arcade. It's right there, on the left side, at the back of the room. *points*. Don't expect anything too fancy and flashy though, it runs a very bare-bone electronic system and can only display one color. The screen itself is 16x16. But having a virtual cocktail helps imagining better graphics.

At the time of this writing, there's only a single game: snake.
Man, makes me wish I saved the URL to pico Midnight that someone made a couple years back. I was IN that one! :) Fun stuff
Nice, I remember the pico game as well that was wild. 
I don't even remember the person who made it ~jetgirl. I saved the URL and screenshots some time back - gone to WWW oblivion now :/ I may find it someday.

Good to see you! :)
Alright, so I've been nerding around and released a new game on the arcade: Asteroid (

Hope you enjoy!
hey! Asteroid is Silver Surfer-like levels of difficulty! But in a good way!

I like these a lot.
They ain't Galaga, but they'll do. :-)
when is TMNT coming to the Speakeasy arcade, m15o? An 8 bit version of that would be fun ;)
I want doom