the decorum for a forum for poems

loghead The ole stomping grounds where the few and feeble would gather for a roleplay entry amongst friends. Great check-ins there.

Smol Pub. Updates and entries, but not exchanges. Reactionless updates.

And the hidden Speakeasy. A Smol room in the Midnight. A place for little text? Smol words? Pint sized poems?

:: Shrugs::
There are three young kids playing in the neighbor's backyard: running, laughing, squealing.

The screen looks like a tombstone by comparison....
....because it is

Courtyard is filled with Spring drunk kids here, too. Meanwhile, I fluster and self-curse my HDMI cable for being rigid when connecting my OrangePi 800 to my new TV. Not much use in that regard, but...

But yea, a poets room for Smol Web-ites. Sounds like a jam. Or slam. Or whatever the beret sporting kin love to call it ;)

I'm active on Ctrl-c so will mention (in gentle whispers) this place to some folks there. They may sign up, shower us with their rhyming words of tech wisdom

Reading "gentle whispers" got the song "Careless Whisper" playing in my head - which is not a bad thing, mind you.