zine completion (Issue 1)

Not to self-promote/spam, but Issue. 1 of Ctrl-ZINE is out for anyone looking to read Smol Web-y stuff.

Our humble Webmaster m15o is in this Issue, fun stuff therein! :)

it's at ctrl-c.club/~loghead/ctrl-zine.html

hey that was pretty cool, i enjoyed the short story at the end

looking forward to helping out with the next issue!
hey yuke!

Yep, photos will be good for Issue.2 :)

April 10 is the "deadline" for that issue, but I am going to try to complete it before then. 4-5 entries, 24(ish) pages.

looking forward
I printed it. I folded it. I stitched it together. It was very small. And I read it. Well done. J.

The PDF-only/fold-forward format is definitely the way to go for a zine. Some encourage me to make a storefront, offering pre-folded zines through snail mail (USPS), but I haven't (yet) as there would be shipping costs. BUT, it makes sense because some (likely most) don't have access to a printer. It may be a thing one day.

Thanks for reading it, and printing/folding :) Great fun to put it together!
Wow, some zine memories at a Barnes & Noble in the days of my youth just came flooding back. Don't remember any titles (or whether I was told what it means to be a man..), but I can definitely picture the section.
my intro to zines was at Borders in South County mall in 2004, when I saw Blacklisted 411 on an "inide publications" shelf.

The zine is non=-existent now, but it was an on/off venture by so and so Blackstone (no first name comes to mind) and it ran for a few volumes. Then gone. Then a few more volumes. And it totaled 4 or 5 volumes.

A LOT of kick ass stuff in that zine. From phone phreaking, to war dialing, to modifying the LAN line utility box outside one's home, to the pattern used on a vending machine to "code" the soda selection buttons to alter the price of the soda.

I e-mailed Blackstone to see what the "blue box" was on the desk in one of the cover's photos, and he said "it's a blue box". Haha. Something used for war dialing.

Finding an old issue on archive.com is fun.

Ctrl-ZINE is the friendly, goofy "reincarnation" of Blacklisted 411, I like to think. (kinda)
So happy for this to be out! I'm now already looking forward to the next issue :D

Congrats for releasing it! Also huge fan of the simple layout of ctrl-c.club/~loghead/ctrl-zine.html
hey m15o, thanks!

It's fun to compile, more people are getting things ready for issue 2

& TY for the layout comment.

have a good one
and now the ^Z page is linked from the ^C homepage, yay!
and now, now now, Issue. 2 has been released!

Incoming entries will be in Issue 3


love it!

until later
..aaand ^Z gets a status page - https://ctrl-c.club/~loghead/zine-status.html so people know that the zine is Active! :)