I'm a little sad the gemini thing has seemingly fizzled. That, or I've simply run out of links to links to links, tired of traversing the same paths to so rarely updated gemlogs.

Gopher still seems a more participated realm, although I feel I've mostly exhausted its interesting places as well.

I guess the lesson is that the need to search is problematic. It's wanting. And 'want' is synonymous with 'lack', hence wanting is lacking. 'Tis setting up inner condition(ing) to feel here/now is wrong/lacking, and must be more/better elsewhere.

Yet do I suspect it's neither better nor worse. It's still the Lankavatarian "Mind Only".

The seeker has been quite the ruse all along.
Gem and Gohper are cool, and nearly all ^C members have them. I don't, nor do I write online anymore, really. Hell, ^Zine didn't even see an entry from me (besides intro/outro). I'm proud to avoid the "presence" thing (in personal terms).

But for consumption, I read a few bits here and there. 20-ish folks on my RSS. Some are Masto accounts. Or masto tags (#retrocomputing/#BBS). Just to see what people are fetish-ing about. Fun to see.

(I, too, fetish(ize) on retro machines, old software, stuff like that)

But wanting to see what's about online. I just stick to "the regulars" and enjoy those updates. No need to seek out the newbies, or the new(to me)bies, either.

Stay well, Inquiry
Well, I used Antenna a lot, and it always gave me a stream of interesting stuff to read, but I stopped checking it b/c I was a bit addicted to checking every few hours if something new was shared. Lastly, much of the content was complaining and opinions on how the world "should be", without some practical throughput.

Also, I stopped writing in English in my space (available on Gemini, Gopher and Web), but I've written in Spanish for the last week, if someone is interested...

I agree on wanting to have new content compulsively is not ideal.

Something I don't like that much about Gemini is that is more oriented to write and be read than to have conversations. Sure, you can reply to a capsule, but it isn't easy to track the links and responses.

I switched to micro-blogging (like twtxt) but had similar problems. I found people complaining about topics I don't care about, wanting to be read, but unwilling to 'listen' to different opinions or have meaningful conversations.

So now I'm in that void of... Knowing random people across the world, as a nice hobby, or even a sustainable profession, but learning, growing as a human being, and having a good time in the meanwhile.

BTW, I don't know what "Mind Only" is, but I'll take a look.
In the great tradition of bellyaching somehow provoking its opposite in the world did I stumble on this gemlog, which has led me to much other goodness:


I'm vaguely remembering "Antenna". With any luck perhaps I'll stumble upon it again any day now.

I alternate between periods of feeling obsessive about finding text content, and then feeling ridiculous when remembering eveyone has private meanings for the same words, thus rendering word-based communication more than a little silly. But then conceptual aloneness is no fun either, so it's back to pretending we all know what each other means because we use the same words....

Reminds me of a saying I chanced upon eons ago: "the words are mine; the meaning is you".

is this antenna?

idk, I asked on Ctrl-C IRC and got this link

Looks familiar. I've encountered a few "aggregators", and some kind of "Bear ring" (probably not its name, but I can't remember it) that included a degree of random link selection of those in the ring. But none of those had the, um, depth/breadth of possible landings to avoid feeling I was encountering the same content sooner than I'd hoped.

Oh well. Looking back, I guess online has almost always been disappointing relative to hoopla-fueled hopes.

Then again, so has life in general, so....
It's been interesting getting into gemini and small web stuff for the first time the last few weeks. It's such a mixture of dead links and sites no longer being updated and places that are still pretty alive. Which is natural, of course, and probably good (not feeling the obligation to maintain an account forever) but kinda melancholy too.
hey ~selenotropic! Have I seen you on ^C?

I swear I did...

| It's such a mixture of dead links and sites no longer being updated and places that are still pretty alive.

It's been an interesting experiment for me to consider date/time of link target content significant. How could date/time of writing/posting possibly overshadow the inner impulse(s)/thoughts represented by the words?