Letters from the (log)head

I just checked out on USPS for 20 Flat Rate "window" envelopes, and the cost? $0

They just send them out, no cost, and I just need to add postage when I send an individual item out. It says "flat rate", but I know my (lucky/unlucky) ass didn't just get free postage on these things for $0.

Anyway, it's for issues of Ctrl-ZINE, as I mentioned physical copies can be sent out on request. Not *right now*, but soon :)

Cost of postage will only come into play if it is being shipped outside of the US lower 48 (lower 48 states in the country, doesn't include Alaska, hawaii).

So that will be handy dandy for people to just *receive* a copy, no printing/folding on their part.

Fun times
Yeah they send you the flat rate envelopes/boxes for free to your house then when you show up to mail them you pay at the front desk for whatever the flat rates are. I had like 40 of each back when I was printing t-shirts.

Where you might have slipped up here is the fact that if you are only shipping printed material - books/magazines/vinyl/cds/tapes it can qualify for Media Mail. (You cant put stickers or bookmarks or any other stuff in the envelope tho) and the shipping rate is drastically reduced.