post, as you are

new digs
walls to adorn
a chicken next door

a stone's throw river
off a back deck
outside a loft

still unboxing
forgotten pasts
long past due

CD's from then
an "Ultra" here
a "Core" there

missing the 90s
especially the
being 30s part

I had time,
time to wait
for tomorrow

you see

or maybe not
'til it comes
for you
great to see friendly faces :)
loghead you were, you waaant me to be.

I just joined the Speakeasy, seems like a quaint little nimbly nook on the tiny net, lmao.

Good to see ya taking part on the hand digit literary dance of the typist tango. Or maybe it is an erratic convulsion of dance moves like that of Crispin Glover? I'd say more like the latter for me.

Congrats on the move

Until later...