peek a Who?

Hi Speakeasy :) I hope the Midnighters who found this room are doing well. I am ok. Yes. Ok.

Besides fussing with folks on #ctrl-c IRC (not "fussing", just meaning "chatting") and compiling things for Ctrl-ZINE, I have been M.I.A. from the WWW. I watch a lot of Chromecast now (YT on Chromecast) and finishing up an FTP server rig for VLC player so I can store on the OrangePi 800, and cast via Chromecast. I am also going to set up Plex on a VPS later, which will be temporary, until my home server is set up.

Just zonked out in front of the "telly" though, really. Found good herb the other day (drug reference - CW!) and am glad to have that now. And keeping tabs with a few people via e-mail, also phone calls with the "bestie". Nada else.

Stay well, all.

Until later..