if hippy culture created computer science, then AI is the tech that brings hallucinations to "reality"

My God! I am shook!

Someone in the #ctrl-c IRC chat shared a link to bing.com/create (or something) and it is an image generator, utilizing AI to "make" the images.

"Well let's see what does what here", I thought.

I put in "random bohemian woman", and the results were mortifying.

The images, the "people", looked directly out of a fried out Friday night hallucination in 1999 when I would innoculate myself on LSD.

What the *fxxx* (no cussing, out of M.p respect) do people "like" in AI?

It's gross. Hideous. Terrifying.

I spoke yesterday with someone who said they wanted assistance with a Python script, and used ChatGPT to "make" it (afterall, they (the person) is no longer an element to the code - it is being outsourced to AI), and ChatGPT was able to give them the Python code they wanted, and they understood was this code did, and used it (they were making a clock app for their desktop).

I can see a use for things like that - as long as the purpose it to make "a thing do a thing", and not concern oneself with *creating* a/the thing. But now, novels are being written by AI (the appeal of reading, i do not know). Movie scripts are being written, yes, by AI. Blog, and "NEWS" entries (a toss off blog post of unimportance I can see someone doing, but "news" tends to leverage on the legitimacy OF that news, and the integrity OF that outlet/reporter, and should AI outsource that "consequential element" then we don't have much to "count on" or consider - if the news/story is sxxx, then "it's AI's fault".

Same and same again, I'll refrain from AI in regards to image creation, as it's gross.

Until later...
AI seems just yet another in a long history of deity of the times.