The media we want, the media that's there, what can one do?

Averse, as I am, to big/main Web applications, and averse to a/the individual's take on it, and their participation in it, I sometimes think:

Well, the WWW, or/and social media applications, or/and "instant communicae" amongst messaging apps (e.g Whatsapp, Snapchat, TikTok, et al) is *just* there. It's a thing Now, as it has been, but whether anyone likes it, it ("it" being the protocols of the WWW, and Web-adjacent protocols, or apps, or social media services) is gonna stick around for a while.

I *want* Smol Web protocols and on/offline communication(s) and small(er) methods of correspondence to "be there", but what *would be* there, anyway? It's like inventing a thing that isn't. So, it's a/the task itself I have to address (or, the end goal I wish to accomplish, or the activity I wish to pursue).

Media, and mediums, they're an impromptu delivery method, yea, but they're not the "meat and potatoes" of what's happening. As the popular moniker goes "everyone should start a blog", but, *everyone*? Really? Does everyone WANT to write? Share opinions in the written format? Not likely.

So, to answer (or not) my own Q - what CAN one do? Look into the activity at-hand. Am I doing what I want to do? If yes, do that. No protocols not platforms need to relied on or revered. Just DO that activity, if I wish. Or not. If I don't.
I'm reminded of once believing I wanted to do everything the way an arm/hand holding a ping-pong paddle reacts more quickly than thoughts can form to (allegedly) guide/direct an arm/hand response: as though each moment were a ball suddenly coming at me over a net....