I tried to build a mastodon to gemlog convert

I started a mastodon to gemlog converter script and it produces an ok log for now:


the first version is up on tildegit: https://tildegit.org/alexlehm/masto2gemlog

ps. i see speakeasy parses http but not gemini links
that's interesting! What inspired you to create it? Yeah, only http links are parsed right now, I might want to look into that!
It's looking good!

It reminds me of a 'Masto reader' I found yesterday
@m15o basically I thought what would be a good application for gemini and I thought a mastodon gateway would be nice, but that is much more complicated so i settled for a convert for now

I have added support converting a href tags, it should work now. it is not finished by far yet of course
@eaplmx that looks quite good actually
Hey, alex!

I don't know if I saw you in the Ctrl-c chat (or maybe it was here?), but a guy on there has a "blog entry to text/gemini thing on his Sourcehut, which may or may not help out with what you are doing.

Of course 100% credit where credit is due, to ~fleg, as I am just a newbie link-sharer, haha.

Here is his SH:


And his Gemlog (link is Web viewable):


Anyway, I am not on Gemini, as I'm not sure I have a use for it. Not familiar with the protocols, etc.

Anyway, hope your Masto/Gem script works well!